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in the U.S.

What we offer:
Pays for itself in 1 month
Reduce fuel consumption up to 17%
Average Savings:   $450 / month  $5400 / year
Year after year  -  Lifetime warranty
Maintenance Free
Nobel Prize awarded Law of Physics Technology
German automotive technology,
       leading the market for decades
Our Fuel Activator has received awards
       in 2001, 2002, and 2003
National and International patented
       (Europe - USA)
Better cold start behavior - smoother engine run!
Less soot content in emissions (aver. 50%)
Protects and saves diesel soot filters
Also tested with    Diesel Engines
       It proofed the effectiveness of our unit KA3
How does it work?
What is it?
The Fuel-Activator KA3 is a special magnetic device,  designed for treatment of diesel fuels prior to the atomization, what leads to better ignition values.

Better ignition  - optimized combustion
Less consumption  -  Less emission

NO miracles - just Laws of Physics

The new Fuel-Activator KA3 is positioned on
each injector directly on the injector cap nut. Owing to its flexible construction, it can
be clamped on without additional fastening devices. In accordance with the design principle, the magnetic fields that are effective across the injectors cover the area from the injection nozzle to the cylinder head, so that
the fuel that is under injection pressure is already influenced, i.e., fully concentrated, during atomization (Lorentz force).
With diesel oil, the optimization of the combustion process is of decisive importance for the emission of soot and other particles that have to be held back by suitable filters. Nonfilterable harmful gases, such as the carcinogenic substance benzopyrene, have
to be reduced by improving the combustion process in the cylinder.

The result is a noticeable improvement
in the running of the engine, less soot formation and lower fuel consumption.

This reduces stress on the soot filters
and also protects the environment.
The reduction in consumption is up to max17%,  average at  10%  to  12%.
Particular Matter reduction in emissions will be up to 93%, average at 60%

More physics here:  
This is a Fuel Activator
KA3  6-cylinder pack

Each injector will be outfitted
with one single unit KA3
see  below:

Fast DIY-Installation. Attach one Activator Unit
on each injector's cap nut, as seen above.

NO tools required
Calculation for Freight-Truck or Coach,  at approx. 90,000 to 150,000 miles per year:
With KA3 Activator
up to  10%  /  17%
Saved gallons per year
Savings at  $2,00 Gallon first year
after 3 years
after 5 years

6 M/G

2300 to 3000
 gallons saved
$4,600 to $6,000

$13,800 to $18,000

$23,000 to $30,000

Please check out our Fuel-Activator's high scale emission reductions:
Test - Date:  January 5th, 2005
US- Order    6 Cylinder Set   $324 + 10,50 S&H
International orders will be UPS-shipped at cost.

[email protected]

Read below reference letter regarding test results:






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