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APU Truck Generators from Blackrock Auxiliary Power for Trucks


External (larger)                       APU Internal (larger)

models with either a 2- or 3- Cylinder Engine
   *2-cylinder -
Best priced performance envelope. Smart Power Management balances load between HVAC and power generation.
   *3-cylinder -
Designed for very large sleepers or operators wanting maximum A/C and electrical output for their many electrical appliances.
Generator output sized for customers with varied electrical needs.

  Eliminates non-productive truck diesel engine idling.  Truck Climate Heating and Cooling APU System.


Truck drivers are often forced to idle their trucks during required rest periods to provide heat, air conditioning, or electricity for other applications. An estimated 15.5 million heavy-duty trucks operate on U.S. highways, so reducing the amount of fuel wasted on idling can have a significant impact on our energy efficiency and security.

Auxiliary power units (APUs) are portable, truck-mounted systems that can provide climate control and power for trucks without idling. These systems generally consist of a small internal combustion engine (usually diesel) equipped with a generator and heat recovery system to provide electricity and heat. For air conditioning, an electrically powered air-conditioner unit is normally installed in the sleeper, although some systems use the truck's air-conditioning system.

The simplest APU is a direct-fired heater. Developed in the 1950s, these systems can be used to heat both the sleeper cabin and the engine as necessary. Direct-fired heaters cannot provide air conditioning or power for other applications such as a television or microwave.

More sophisticated auxiliary power units consist of a generator powered by a diesel engine, a compressor, an alternator, and an inverter/charger. These units are fully integrated into the truck's heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system. In addition, the inverter/charger allows the system to provide electric power to the cab and sleeping compartment.

In the future we may be able to use a gasoline- or diesel-powered solid oxide fuel cell as a power source for an APU.


Auxiliary power units can help truck drivers comply with local idling ordinances, reduce emissions and noise, and save on the cost of truck fuel and maintenance. Because most auxiliary power units are integrated directly into the truck's systems, they offer a high level of convenience. In addition, APUs are a proven technology that is widely available and is even sold as an option on some new trucks.


Auxiliary power units available today range in cost from $1,500 for direct-fired heaters (providing heat only) to $7,000 for auxiliary power units (combined cab heat/air conditioning, electric power, and heat to engine and fuel). The units also can add 300 pounds or more onto the weight of the truck—which has a negligible effect on fuel economy but could reduce the load that weight-limited trucks could carry.

BLACKROCK - The APU with Power, Performance and Reliability

A product of passion and persistence, Black Rock's Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) designs are rooted in aerospace standards. Test after test — both at the computer and in the field — have confirmed its steadfast reliability. In addition, the BLACKROCK Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) has superior features: Choice of either a 2- or 3- cylinder YANMAR diesel engine, YANMAR’s engines are EPA Tier II and EU emissions compliant, Choice of Blackrock generator capacity based on customer’s needs, Best air conditioning and heating output in the industry (26,000 BTU/hr) 120 volt AC electrical power 55 amps of 12 volt DC electrical power, Best in class oil change interval (1,000 hours) and one of the best warranties in the industry (2 years, 4,000 hours) fully supported by YANMAR, Stand alone design independent of main engine's systems, Blackrock's Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) is professionally engineered and tested for reliability and ease of maintenance, Black Rock’s configurable Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) systems supports multiple engine manufacturer choices, Optional steps, Optional cold weather Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) starting package. See Blackrock APU Spec Sheet or Blackrock User Manual.

WITH BLACKROCK, THE CUSTOMER COMES FIRST! - Black Rock Systems LLC is committed to providing the most reliable APU to its customers with the highest degree of power and performance. YANMAR is committed to providing Black Rock Systems with diesel engines that provide the power that is required, performance that can be depended upon, and proven reliability so that Black Rock can meet the needs of its customers. Black Rock is committed to providing an APU that is easy to service, reducing downtime. Black Rock is committed to providing its customers with a customer support network of dealers that you can call in the event of a problem. Black Rock is working to grow its list of dealers every day. Black Rock has an “800” hotline to answer any questions or problems that arise should a dealer be unavailable.


Cost to Idle Your Truck




During Rest Times


During Rest Times


Average # hours idling a year*



Average # hours idling a year*


Gallons of fuel used idling per hour x



Gallons of fuel used idling per hour x


Gallons of fuel used per year =



Gallons of fuel used per year =


Gallons of fuel used per year



Gallons of fuel used per year


Estimated fuel price per gallon** x



Estimated fuel price per gallon** x $


Fuel cost per year =



Fuel cost per year = $


Fuel cost per year



Fuel Cost per year $


Months per year ÷



Months per year ÷


Fuel cost per month =



Fuel cost per month = $


Fuel cost per year



Fuel cost per year $


Weeks per year (less 2 weeks vacation) ÷



Weeks per year (less 2 weeks vacation) ÷


Fuel cost per week =



Fuel cost per week = $




Main Engine Cost


Relating to Idling


Cost of engine rebuild





Hours of operation before major rebuild





Cost of rebuild per hour of operation





Idle hours per year Cost of rebuild per hour of operation Yearly rebuild cost associated with idling

x =

$ $

2,500 0.80 2,000

A BLACKROCK APU reduces your fuel costs and eliminates upwards of 10,000 hours of engine idle time, increasing your resale value while providing the comfort of home with 26,000 BTU of cooling/heating, plus 120 volt AC power of cooling/heating, plus 120 volt AC power to run all the appliances and accessories you need.

Yearly rebuild cost associated with idling Months per year Monthly rebuild cost associated with idling

÷ =

$ $

2,000 12 167


Yearly rebuild cost associated with idling




Weeks per year (less two week vacation)





Weekly rebuild cost associated with idling








*ATA estimate of average annual engine idle time. ** Source: US Department of Energy @ http://tonto.eia.doe.gov/oog/info/wohpd/diesel.asp

Most frequently asked questions about APUs
and the

QUESTION 1: What does APU stand for?
ANSWER: An APU is an Auxiliary Power Unit. APU technology has been successfully used in many industrial applications for decades. From RV’s to aircraft, APUs have been providing secondary power and heating/cooling without the expense of operating the main engine.

QUESTION 2: What is a BLACKROCK APU for heavy trucking?
ANSWER: A BLACKRROCK APU delivers power, performance and reliability. The BLACKROCK APU is an alternative to running the truck’s main engine using a secondary auxiliary power source. This power source provides a driver with superior comfort and convenience thanks to its 26,000 BTU/hr of cooling/heating and 120 volt AC power. A client who runs on auxiliary power will reduce fuel consumption, downtime and harmful emissions, while extending the main engine’s life by approximately 100,000 miles, thus increasing profit.

QUESTION 3: How does the BLACKROCK APU work?
ANSWER: The BLACKROCK system allows you to choose either a YANMAR 2-cyl or 3-cyl engine, both compliant with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier II emissions requirements. The YANMAR engine provides mechanical power to operate the air conditioning compressor, 120 volt AC generator and a 12 volt DC alternator. This engine is sized to provide the necessary power for the needed functions without the cost, expense and overkill of operating the rig’s main engine.

QUESTION 4: What is meant by generating 120 volt AC power?
ANSWER: The BLACKROCK APU produces 120 volt AC power, allowing the use of standard electrically driven equipment without the need for expensive inverters or “shorepower” connections. This allows drivers to use microwaves, TV’s, lights and tools wherever they stop.

ANSWER: A BLACKROCK APU helps truckers maintain profitability by saving money through reduced fuel consumption and extending the main engine’s life. In cities and states that have adopted anti-idling laws, an auxiliary power unit is an accepted alternative to idling . . . reducing fuel consumption and emissions and avoiding unnecessary fines. Drivers using a BLACKROCK APU are provided with heating and air conditioning plus all the 120 volt AC creature comfort amenities they need to maintain a high quality of life while on the road.

QUESTION 6: What makes the BLACKROCK APU superior to its competitors?
ANSWER: The BLACKROCK APU is superior to its competitors because it is the only APU that has all of the following characteristics:

  • Professionally engineered aerospace design

  • Configurable to meet the wide range of climatic and geographical requirements of long-haul trucking routes

  • 120 volt AC power generation to run appliances

  • 3 year/4,000 hour limited warranty on the engine, backed by YANMAR

  • 2 year/4,000 hour limited warranty on the APU, backed by Black Rock

  • Network of convenient dealers

  • The BLACKROCK APU cover has been designed to allow ease of access to and rapid exchange of key components

  • Readily available name-brand components can be removed and replaced within an hour

  • YANMAR's engines are EPA TIER II and European Union (EU) emissions compliant

  • Most tested design via computer simulation, on-road testing

  • Longest oil change intervals on market – 1,000 hours – backed by YANMAR

  • Best in Class Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) output (26,000 BTU/hr) in all temperature conditions

  • Financing Available

QUESTION 7: Where does an APU go on the rig?
ANSWER: The APU is mounted on a frame rail of the rig in an area with 30 in (76 cm) of free space. Specific location depends on the rig and the client’s choice.

QUESTION 8: How much does it weigh?
ANSWER: Depending on the configuration the client selects, the installed weight will vary between 460 lbs (209kg) for a 2-cyl model and 510 lbs (232kg) for a 3-cyl model. This installed weight includes the HVAC system.

QUESTION 9: How much noise does the APU create?
ANSWER: The BLACKROCK APU meets the federally mandated National Park Service Standard (36 CFR 2.12: 60 DB at the A-WEIGHTED scale @ 50 ft) for RV generator noise, and is quiet enough that a conversation can be held right next to it.

QUESTION 10: How does the BLACKROCK APU help with cold starts of the rig's main engine?
ANSWER: The APU provides 120 volt AC to power the main engine block heater and any aftermarket secondary heaters, such as those for tanks and fuel lines. This approach will maintain engine heat without creating potential truck warranty and failure concerns common with systems that tap into the main engine’s coolant and oil systems.

QUESTION 11: Do small diesel engines meet EPA standards?
ANSWER: The BLACKROCK APU uses a YANMAR engine that is EPA Tier II compliant, meeting the 2006 United States EPA standard for engines of less than 50HP.

QUESTION 12: Who installs the APU onto the rig?
ANSWER: The APU is installed by one of our dealers. Our dealer network is trained and authorized by Black Rock in the installation of the BLACKROCK APU. Click the dealer locator tab above to find your local dealer.

QUESTION 13: How much downtime will be required for the installation?
ANSWER: Installation time is specific to the condition of the rig. Average installation can be completed in a single day by a two-mechanic team, minimizing down time.

QUESTION 14: Where is the BLACKROCK APU serviced and repaired?
ANSWER: At a Black Rock authorized dealer. Click the dealer locator tab above to find your local dealer.

QUESTION 15: How often does the BLACKROCK APU need to be serviced?
ANSWER: No more frequently than the oil change of the main engine. Our oil change interval is 1,000 hours – longer than most competitors and fully supported by the engine manufacturer’s warranty.

QUESTION 16: What do you mean by user-specific configurability?
ANSWER: The BLACKROCK APU can be ordered to meet the fleet’s or client’s driving habits by providing options on:

  • 2-cyl or 3-cyl YANMAR engines (both EPA Tier II emissions compliant) to support the load usage pattern of the client.

  • The amount of 120 volt AC power generation for creature comforts like TV’s, DVD players or emergency items like high powered floodlights or power tools.

QUESTION 17: How can a BLACKROCK APU save a client money?
ANSWER: A client using a BLACKROCK APU, who turns off the main engine of a big rig during rest periods, loading, unloading and fueling will immediately:

  • Reduce fuel costs, saving money.

  • Extend the engine’s life, deferring major engine overhauls, allowing more hauls before service downtime and increasing resale value.

QUESTION 18: How quickly can a client see cost savings?
ANSWER: Immediately. Even if the unit is financed 100% (on approved credit), the monthly fuel savings should cover the monthly payment, assuming normal idling patterns.

The typical long-haul rig idles 2,500 hours per year and consumes approximately 1.2 gallons of fuel per hour idling under load. If fuel costs $2.40 per gallon, the main engine’s idling will cost the client $7,200.

The 2-cyl BLACKROCK APU will consume 0.2 gallons of fuel per hour under load while the 3-cyl consumes 0.3. The same 2,500 hours of idling will cost only $1,800, saving the owner $5,400 on fuel alone. The owner will also save on engine overhaul costs

QUESTION 19: Does installing an APU onto your rig void the rig warranty?
ANSWER: As long as the APU does not invade the rig’s HVAC and coolant systems, it should not affect the rig’s warranty. That is why we designed the BLACKROCK APU to be independent of the main engine’s systems.



  • The BLACKROCK APU is connected to the truck’s fuel tanks for fuel pick-up and return

  • The APU is connected to the truck’s main batteries for APU startup and battery charging

  • BLACKROCK has a self-contained coolant and A/C condenser system

  • Condenser mounted inside of the APU not on the back wall of the cab

    • - Radiator and dual electric radiator fans contained within the APU for
      - cooling in extreme heat

    • - APU does not share coolant with the main engine

  • Exhaust ducted to rear of truck preventing exhaust from entering the sleeper compartment

  • Pre-terminated hoses and A/C lines for simple and foolproof installation

  • Quick disconnect and keyed electrical cables for ease of service and to prevent installation errors


  • Removable/Adjustable steps
  • Ultra cold package
  • APU engine pre-heater (-20F)
  • Battery monitoring
  • Main engine ignition lockout


  • Easy to Use, Easy to Train - One touch APU engine startup and shutdown sequencing
  • Automotive style HVAC temperature control and blower setting
  • Master shutoff
  • Engine Protection via:
    • High coolant temp
    • Overload
    • Belt failure
    • Main engine ignition lockout (opt)
    • Low oil pressure
    • Engine over/under speed
    • Alternator fail to charge
    • Battery voltage monitoring (opt)
    • Hour meter


Airflow: 405 CFM
Weight: 30 pounds
Three fan speeds
Four 2.5” diameter ducts
Removable washable filter

  • APU coolant circulation for cab heating
  • Automotive style, mechanical A/C system
  • Condenser inside of APU
  • Self contained HVAC box
    • Evaporator, heater core and fan
  • Ducts either independent or tapped into existing sleeper works
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