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Grid Power Failure in California
California Power and EPA Restrictions for Diesel Power Generators

Energy experts are anticipating a difficult time for California residents and businesses as the gap between electric demand and available supplies widens. State government is taking a series of actions to increase supply and reduce demand, while at the same time trying to insulate agencies and organizations that protect public health and safety from power blackouts.

Playing a role in this evolving crisis is the application of standby and emergency diesel powered electric generators as a means to decrease the demand for electricity from the main power grid, and as a source of power to maintain vital services if a blackout should occur. As local government agencies and large companies scramble to secure backup generators, restrictions on their use are being debated in Sacramento and at the local air district level.

Clean diesel power can be a partner with other energy sources in addressing the power needs of the nation through an enlightened and practical energy policy.

For information on "EPA Certified Diesel Generators for use in California", click here.


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