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4500 watt 4.5 kW 5 kw 4 6500 watt 6.5 kw diesel generator open frame construction home standby generators QUIET!!
6500 watt 6.5 kw diesel generator open frame construction home standby generators
RV Generators Portable Yamaha
SALE $1550 Brand NEW in Box
 6000 watt Open Frame.  4000 watt also available
6000 kW Sound Attenuated.
70 db at 23 meters. Also available in 4000 watt Sound Attenuated
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Why Diesel Generators Are Better Than Gas Generators

1)  Diesel is safer than gas.  Diesel is a less flammable fuel than gasoline and will not ignite in the hot summer sun like gasoline might.

2) Diesel is easier to store than gas as the storage life is longer.

3) Diesel is cheaper than gas.  Diesel is available as an off road fuel that does not have the tax burden of on road fuel.  The off road diesel is tainted with a pink tint.

4) Diesel generators are more reliable than gas.  Diesel engines don't have the electronic ignition system, eliminating several dozen parts.  The less parts you have the less frequent part failure you have.

5) Diesel generators last far longer than gas generators.  To get diesel fuel to burn requires much higher compression than a gasoline engine so the block, crankshaft and cylinder heads of a diesel engine are made heavier than a similarly sized gasoline engine.  But despite the higher pressures of a diesel engine, these heavier parts simply last longer. 

6) Diesel generators have better fuel consumption than gas.  Diesel fuel has a much higher energy content per gallon than gasoline.  Given the similar efficiencies of the two engine technologies, the diesel engine burns fewer gallons of fuel for the same power output.

7) Diesel generators can burn "renewable" bio-diesel.  But the really exciting prospect of diesel over gasoline is the possibility of eliminating petroleum consumption entirely.  Most diesel engines can be coaxed into burning vegetable oil instead of diesel and all of them can burn various processed forms of vegetable oil without loss in live or efficiency.  


Why are diesel generators better than gas generators?  Click here for information.

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